Most meetings are unorganised, have no purpose and go off-piste. They often become a get-together with no real direction, perhaps becoming a place where negative views are shared that leave the group feeling demotivated.

If there is no clear goal, there is no point to the meeting. To prevent this happening, make sure you clearly explain why you are holding a meeting and what you expect to achieve from it.

  1. Write & post your meeting agenda 3 days prior and share it. This will enable the team to know what to expect and prepare for your meeting
  2. Outline the basics: Venue/date/time/attendees/dress code
  3. Meeting Objective: Be clear on why & what the end goal of the meeting is
  4. Put a time limit on each topic: e.g. Intro (2mins)
  5. Keep Agenda to under 5 Topics: Any longer and people will struggle to remain engaged
  6. Add any important information e.g: Please bring to the meeting….read before the meeting….research….etc
  7. Company policy on Meeting Agenda: Make a rule to decline meetings without an informative agenda to eliminate time wasting

Work smarter, not harder for #BusinessSuccess