Although this is a very simplified diagram, ‘confidence’ and ‘competence’ are two key elements that drive real business success. In business, things are a lot less overwhelming when they are broken down into bitesize chunks. Things are more manageable when they are simplified and laid out in front of you. Let’s look at the two ingredients for business success a little more:


Self-belief is fundamental when setting goals, both personally and professionally. If you don’t believe in yourself, who will? If you don’t believe in your product/service, why should potential customers?

I place great emphasis on believing in yourself and maintaining a positive, forward-thinking mindset. Confidence drives ambition, pro-activity and adds massive value to your offering.


So, you’re confident in your product/service and maintain a positive and proactive attitude towards business… but that will only get you so far. For massive results, you need to take action. Taking action requires strategy, tools, resources and professional planning. If you are unable to implement, regularly revise and operate these things, business will remain stagnant and it would be impossible to reach your full potential.

Confidence and competence; one won’t work without the other. When they are combined, you unleash your full potential.

How can Business Success SW help?

I work closely with Business Owners and senior management who want to move from good to great. Together, we will:

  • Eliminate chaos
  • Increase profits
  • Improve systems
  • Gain customers
  • Motivate teams
  • Manage time
  • Transform Marketing into an investment

I am partnered with the worlds Number 1 coaching firm ‘Action Coach’, and ‘Luv4Marketing’ to provide the best coaching strategies possible; I offer a comprehensive, authentic and results-driven programme that focuses on every aspect of your business from finances through to Social Media.

Interest sparked? Give me a call on 01752 220 377, pop me a Facebook message or email me at to book in for your FREE, no-strings attached Business review; I guarantee that I will show you at least 2 strategies that will work in your business to gain you massive results.

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