It’s officially the summer holidays; the kids are off school and the sun is shining (for now!).

For most, this is an exciting time. However, it can be difficult going to work and staying motivated when the sun is shining. Office or beach? Meetings or sunbathing? It’s a no-brainer but life – Business! – must go on…regardless of the weather.

It can be hard to remain productive when you’d rather be outside, so it’s important to find ways to keep yourself motivated.

If you’re stuck in an office, you may find yourself daydreaming more and working less. Here are 4 easy ways to stay motivated and continue on the path to #BusinessSuccess this season:

  1. The Bigger Picture

This is a good chance to improve your work-life balance. Remember that you’re only at work for the day (your set ‘office’ hours). Why not accept the situation and work hard throughout the day, then make the most of your free time (i.e. after work). Perhaps go for a walk, enjoy some family time or relax in the late afternoon sunshine.

2. The Lunch Bunch

Why not make the most of your breaks by going for a short walk or eating outside… take a few of your colleagues along too! A mid-morning walk will reinvigorate you for the rest of the day.

3. Summer Holidays

Give yourself something to look forward to, something that will keep you working hard in the knowledge that you can ‘relax’ for a little while soon. If you have a summer holiday coming up, keep that in the back of your mind. Work hard now, play hard later.

4. Dress for Success

If your outfit makes you feel professional, you’ll be more inclined to focus on your work tasks instead of daydreaming about the sunshine or being with the kids. It can be tempting to dress for the summer weather, but this may put you in even more of a ‘summer mood’. Stick to the business dress code as much as possible and save the shorts for the weekend; look the part, feel the part.

Have fun, but get the work done!

How Can Business Success SW Help?

We emphasise FUN in business, but know it can be hard to get that work-life balance just right. We encourage our clients to stay focused and prioritise tasks in the most efficient, effective and fun way, with a tailored approach that proves optimal for them and their business.

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